Monday, June 6, 2011

To A Big Sis!

When I was a small infant
I asked for sweets;
When I was a sweet Teen
I asked for toys
Now that I have grown up
I ask for someone,
Who is eternally trustworthy.

Like a feather in a pillow,
Like a dew drop on a leaf,
Like th foams in the sea waves, 
And corals of the soft beah....

A pearl in the blue ocean,
The pain in a tear drop
And a person like you
Who's far beyond the horizon....

I tried for the thousandth time 
To reach that top branch
Ultimately I couldnt catch,
I'm not that strong
I'm weak like a baby bird,
Whose wings are not yet grown.

Where my soul is longing to go
I do not know,
Beyond the heaven and everywhere I know,
I would scream If I could, but.....
How can I? when my Voice has gone.....
I would listen for an angel like you,
But wil you ever come?
I thought and I tried
To change a girl,
But an angel I knew was gone
Far far to the infinity....

I'll always pray, As I always did.
I'll always wait, As I always did.
I'll always listen, As I always did.
And I'll bare that pain
What the angel gave....
Because hearts are not had as gifts but hearts are earned.....

Affection was what I needed,
Not a single drop of love....
Respect was what I needed,
from adorable nymph like you...

How could I ever Thank you?
For everyhthing what you did...
Dear Big Sis,
How could i ever forget you?

In my memories
I lift your soul
High up above me with
pride and prestige.
I'll wisper my name 
In your dreams
I'll always be beside you 
To hold your arms 
where ever you fall...

I <3 you my Big Sis !!

God Bless you sis!!!

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